Welcome to Mt. Hood Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club website.  We are located in Portland, Oregon and serve Oregon and Southwest Washington areas.  Cadillac ownership is not a requirement for membership. Although we are primarily a Cadillac & LaSalle Club, many of our members own beautiful classic cars of other makes and models and we welcome all classic car enthusiasts. 




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The CLC Office is temporarily closed until February 3rd.

CLC Members,
Within a couple of hours, Mike Book, is being released from the hospital to return home.  His doctor is pleased with his progress and the prognosis is complete recovery. He is instructed to rest at home and only light work, but rest, rest, to recover.

Therefore, the CLC Office is closed until at least Monday, February 3, to allow Mike time to be quiet and rest. We ask that everyone respect this time and refrain from calls or contact.
2020 Grand National Grand National, contact Cynthia Rutledge, GN Registrar.
2020 Winter Board Meeting in New Orleans, contact Marsha Redman
Any other questions, contact Glenn Brown, President, or Ronnie Hux, Exec. Vice President.
We will update with progress in a few days.

Glenn Brown
CLC President


The CLC Office is temporarily closed until further notice.
Our Office Manager, Mike Book, was involved in an automobile accident on Friday, January 17. Nancy says that the Doctor indicated that his injuries are not life threatening. However, he has been unconscious since the accident and apparently has back injuries. Nancy has requested that we respect her and her families privacy and that they will update us as news progresses.
In the interim, the office phone will have a recording indicating that the office is temporarily closed and if anyone needs assistance with member registration or vehicle registration regarding the 2020 Grand National, please call Cynthia Rutledge, CLC Registrar
Also, ALL members who registered for the Winter Board Meeting, your packages were mailed this week and should arrive  by Tuesday.  Any questions regarding the BOD meeting in New Orleans, please contact Marsha Redman.
Any other questions can be addressed to either Glenn Brown, President, or Ronnie Hux Exec. VP.
Updates will be shared as news is received.
Thanks for your understanding.

Glenn Brown
CLC President

First Call for Club Board Nominations

The Club’s current Board of Directors terms end at the end of the Grand National in June. While it may seem a bit early to bring it up now, due to publication schedules and lead times, you need to start thinking about whether you might have an interest in getting involved in the governance of your Club as an elected National Board member.

There are 20 elected members, who are up for election every two years.  As an elected member of the Board of Directors you are expected to attend Club governance meetings at least twice a year, one during the Grand National Meet, and another early in the calendar year. 

If you have an interest in running for the CLC Board of Directors please contact:
Nominating Committee Chair
Lars Kneller - Past CLC President
3018 W. Small Road
La Porte, IN 46350-7929
(219) 326-8830 home
(219) 363-8830 cell

Being on the CLC Board is the best way to influence how the CLC works. It’s also an opportunity to share the workload. 

Glenn Brown - CLC President

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