Welcome to Mt. Hood Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club website.  We are located in Portland, Oregon and serve Oregon and Southwest Washington areas.  Cadillac ownership is not a requirement for membership. Although we are primarily a Cadillac & LaSalle Club, many of our members own beautiful classic cars of other makes and models and we welcome all classic car enthusiasts. 




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My Fathers House Donations

Sue has contacted Kathy from My Fathers House to see what was on their Christmas Wish List.

The top Wish this year is for 4 crib mattresses

Other items that they could really use are:

      -Waterproof crib mattress covers

      -Fitted crib sheets

      -Zippered waterproof Full-sized mattress covers

      -Full-sized mattress pads(Pads to go over the waterproof covers, made from

      -Crock pot recipe books.

We have 3 generous volunteers that stepped up at the general meeting last week and are willing to donate 3 of the 4 crib mattresses needed.  So, we only need one more mattress to fulfill their top priority wish list!  They are so appreciative of all our efforts.  What a great organization to be associated with!  They change lives every day.  At our Christmas Party, we will also be collecting a cash donation to go to My Fathers House.  So you can collect items for their Wish List and bring to the general meeting in Oct. and November, or give a cash donation at our Christmas Party, or do both!  Christmas Party is December 8th at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen.  More information on the events page.

First Call for Club Board Nominations

The Club’s current Board of Directors terms end at the end of the Grand National in June. While it may seem a bit early to bring it up now, due to publication schedules and lead times, you need to start thinking about whether you might have an interest in getting involved in the governance of your Club as an elected National Board member.

There are 20 elected members, who are up for election every two years.  As an elected member of the Board of Directors you are expected to attend Club governance meetings at least twice a year, one during the Grand National Meet, and another early in the calendar year. 

If you have an interest in running for the CLC Board of Directors please contact:
Nominating Committee Chair
Lars Kneller - Past CLC President
3018 W. Small Road
La Porte, IN 46350-7929
(219) 326-8830 home
(219) 363-8830 cell

Being on the CLC Board is the best way to influence how the CLC works. It’s also an opportunity to share the workload. 

Glenn Brown - CLC President

Upcoming Events

Christmas Celebration December 8, 2019



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